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The Oakland Raiders have one of the best defensive lines in the nation, and that is about it. Their offense is extremely lacking, causing them recently to lose to one of the worst teams around. The San Francisco 49ers have gone 1-5 this year, and their only win was this game over the Raiders. The game ended 17-9 after regulation time. The 49ers were in clear control. Football lines.

The game was a blemish on a decent start for the Raiders. While they had lost a few games, the Oakland team was showing promise, taking a few impressive games. The numbers were in their favor, but they failed to deliver. The 49ers attacked.  Even though the Oakland defense is strong, they made it though. Alex Smith was the man in charge for San Francisco. The authoritative player led his team to victory and delivered as expected for them. Football betting lines.

While he has kicked things off on a very poor note this year, he just might have turned it around with the game on Sunday. Hopefully the Niners will be able to keep winning.  If they can keep their heads held high, and play the way they did during this game, they will go far this season. Basketball odds.

The Raiders fell merely apart. Their offensive side has proven really weak this year. Despite massive efforts from their defensive line, they have won only two games this year. The Raiders are attempting to break out of their situation, and with their poor offensive line, it will be pretty hard. Oakland would be wise to pick it up to start giving a bit more quality football. The rest of the season lies ahead, and the teams that are playing high quality ball at this point are the ones that will go the furthest. Be sure and follow the rest of the season at

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