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The Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos met in Oakland, California yesterday at the O-town Coliseum. The result was an intriguing game for all of those involved. After a first half of downright embarrassing play, the Raiders returned in the third quarter full of determination and ready to play. The result was a renewed hope for the Raiders’ playoffs chances, and an unfortunate NFL start for Tim Tebow. It all came to a close with a home win for Oakland at 39-23 after regulation time. NFL scores.

Standing confidently with a 7-7 record, the Raiders currently sit in third place of the AFC West. However, perhaps they were a bit too confident coming into this game. The team went forward, making a number of clumsy plays in the first half that almost cost them the game. Come half time, coach Tom Cable felt no need to be calm or rational. NFL lines.

Apparently the tongue-lashing was what Oakland needed. The turnaround started with a 46-yard TD pass in the third, and ended with a 73-yarder and 1 yard run in the fourth. By the end, the offense had managed an amazing 500 plus yards. The defense made their stand too, holding Denver and Tebow to only six points in the second half. The Raiders knew it was a game they had to win, and win they did. NFL spreads.

This marks the second time that the Broncos have lost to Oakland in eight weeks. With the loss, the Broncos fell to 3-11, remaining in last place of the AFC West. Denver was not playing for a playoff position, Denver was playing for dignity. Unfortunately, the Broncos went home with one more loss, and a sad NFL start for Tebow. After this first game, there will be no more cry for this QB to save the Denver team. Follow these team’s progress at, your source for the best online betting information.

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