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The Texas Rangers are having their best year ever, and have played great games in recent weeks. They currently lead their division, and the game on Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners was yet another sweet victory for them. It was a game dominated by red-hot pitching and great batting. It ended 11-6 after nine innings of brilliance.

The Rangers have been bankrupt for some time now, but all that changed during the game. Rumor has it that they have some investment, hopefully ending the ridicule of being a broke team. On top of the financial good news, they played a tight game. Their batting was definitely something to marvel at.

David Murphy hit a tie breaking three run homer. Michael Young added his first grand slam in three years, and the Rangers completely blasted the Mariners into oblivion. Seattle has been having a rough time, so there was little surprise they did not beat the pumped up Rangers on Wednesday.

Receiving the news that they had an owner, after many months of waiting, was just another perk to the game. It seems that Texas loves the Rangers, as it should. To prove this, fellow Texan, Hall of Fame pitcher and Texas Rangers president, Nolan Ryan, won a unusual auction and donated winnings to the team. He managed to secure them a 385 million dollar cash deal ,providing then with very solid financial backing. The team has been shattering records all year long, and will continue with the quality players on their team.

Check this out: The Rangers’ net worth went up about $84 million during the game. Even though it was just another day for them on the field, they now have backing and will be able to play even more confidently. Be sure and follow all the news at, home of the best sports betting information around.

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