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With the team sitting on the top of the world, and all the players performing as if baseball were simply second nature, the Texas Rangers are having what many are calling their best season ever. Things have not been this good in the lone star state in quite some time. They have a fine collection of young whippersnappers that are hell-bent on taking the division playoffs. Vegas odds.

Despite financial issues, the team chugs on.  They are showing true spirit – nothing has been able to slow these guys down at all.  The Rangers (50-38) are 4 1/2 games ahead of the Los Angeles Angels in the AL West.

Rangers veteran, Michael Young, who has played with them for 10 seasons, commented that he has seen it all in his years with the team, and that no matter what happens, they somehow find a way to pull through. The team is in financial distress right now, and at the moment, it is not known how this will affect the players for the rest of the season. Betting lines.

The team moved to Texas in 1972, and has never won a playoff series. The Rangers have had only two winning seasons since their last playoff appearance in 1999. The way they are playing right now, they could be adding a third to their record. All the players are in perfect sync, and the results have been devastating for their opponents. Sports scores.

Texas will have to keep their heads held high during an upcoming auction on August 4th. Hoping for a rich benefactor to intervene, the players seem unaffected on the field. Texas is on pace to win at least 98, and now has coveted All-Star left-hander Cliff Lee in the starting rotation. Above all expectations, they have proven they are truly a great baseball team to be reckoned with.  Be sure and follow the Rangers on, home of the greatest sports betting database on the web.

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