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Ian Kinsler did a great job and homered as he drove in the four runs as the Rangers continued to pound out the most runs as well hits in a major season with a 20-6 round for the Wins yesterday night. Kinsler got four from the Rangers league best 27 hits as Texas has become the first team which scored 20 plus runs since it was Milwaukee who beat Pittsburgh 20-0 last April. The Rangers then had 18 runs by the end of the fifth innings as they scored just three runs each for the initial three innings. Texas then added five during the fourth innings and four in the fifth. Both Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli got four hits as the Rangers starters had just two except for their third baseman Chris Davis who went hitless with six at his bats. Basketball scores

Things were one sided from the get go as Michael Cuddyer moved in from the right field over to the mound in order to pitch the eighth for the Twins. Cuddyer then gave up a double to Napoli got a bloop single to the great Mitch Moreland and then walked Kinsler with just one out in order to load the bases. But it was Cuddyer who got rid of Elvis Andorus on a good fly ball and then David Murphy on what was a pop-up for a scoreless inning. The last position player to pitch was the outfielder John Moses against California back in 1990. Derek Holland got his career high ninth game for the season . NFL scores

Both Endy Chavez and Josh Hamiltion also drove a good three runs each in order to help their team get past Cleveland in order to output 19-1 in a blowout which took place at Kansas City on 16th of Many. Texas also managed to pass 25 hits that the Dodgers got against Minnesota on 27th June. NFL odds

Holland got lots of excellent run support as the Rangers put up 15 runs and then 16 hits after just four innings against the three pitches that they faced. Texas then scored another four runs each for Holland’s 12 starts with Holland going 6-3 with no decisions during the stretch. This was a great game for the Rangers and certainly a memorable season.

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