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Matt Harrison wasn’t going to be the person that halted the wave of Texas with near perfect pitches or allow the Rangers a record win streak. Harrison just allowed one run in the 7 2/3 innings, then came Mitch Moreland who managed it three run homer as the Rangers have managed to win their 11th straight game with a 3-1 win over the Mariners on Sunday. This is the longest win streak for the Rangers and in baseball since Philadelphia’s rather long 11 game win streak last year in September which has been tied as the second best of the team’s history and falls behind a 14 game win streak back in 1991’s season. NFL betting lines

One of the people on the Rangers Staff said “This whole streak we’re on right now is really because of what they have done. They’ve been great,” “When you are pitching like that it’s fun to go out and play behind those guys and be a part of it.”

In the whole process of running the streak to 11 games Harrison as well as the Rangers have swept the Mariners who are on a slump in what was an expected end putting Seattle as one of the contenders of the AL West this year. The Mariners have managed to now lost nine game in a row.  This is also the first four game win sweep for Seattle since back in 1992. Football odds

Ron Washington the manager for the Rangers said “We were playing well and we expected ourselves to come out and play well,” “The first day of workouts (post break) showed they were ready.”

Harrison said  “I think warming up in the bullpen I figure out what is working that day and run with that. Kind of like today I felt good with my sinker in the bullpen today so I went out and threw a lot of those, even if I got behind in the count,” “If it was 2-0, 3-1, I was able to throw that pitch any time I wanted to and keep it down in the zone and make them put it in play.”

Harrison gave a leadoff walk to Ichiro Suzuki in order to start the game and then proceed to silence Seattle’s struggling bats. All thanks to a double play after Suzuki walked, it was Harrison who faced the min right into the fifth prior to a number of singles by Greg Halman and Justin Smoak. Football spreads

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