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The Jazz will be facing off against the Raptors in a game later on today. If they can uphold their record against them, they will be walking away with a much-needed win, and a .500 record. At the moment, both of these teams are sitting at 1-2. As such, winning this game is a very important thing. Baseball scores.

The Jazz are coming in the favorites. There is no doubt about that. Utah has won five in a row, as well as 11-3 against the Raptors at home. Furthermore, their star point guard has never lost to the Toronto team in 10 career games. They simply have been decimating the Raptors for the past few seasons, and the way things look for the game today, it will be more of the same. The Jazz players seem to be in top form. They have merely had a few tough breaks in their first three games this year. Basketball scores.

The Raptors, due to their past record against Utah, will need to play a near perfect game in order to win. They would do well to be steady on the defense, and still be able to take out the powerful plays that the Utah team is sure to use in the game. The Raptors are coming into this game severely outclassed with have the odds stacked against them. While their numbers are similar this year, their past record speaks volumes. The Raptors are taking 100.7 points per game as an average, and allowing 96.7 on the defensive this year. The Utah Jazz have the same on offense, 100.7, while allowing 106.3 points through their defensive line. NFL scores.

The rest of the season lies ahead, and whoever takes this game, will be in a prime position to keep delivering great results this year. Check out all the best sports betting information at

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