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The Ravens will be facing off against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday in a game that will pit two very solid teams against each other. The Ravens have been rocking lately and are currently sitting at 5-2. Furthermore, they are first in the AFC North. The Miami Dolphins have been playing some great football this year, and are coming into the game on a solid 4-3 record. This team is currently third of the SFC East. Standing at a .571 win percentage, they have been doing well on the offensive, taking 133 points this year. A few defensive lapses have placed the team where they are, with 149 points against them. NFL spreads.

The game will be a perfect chance for one of these teams to take a solid lead this year. The Ravens are coming in the favorites, as they have the better record, and will be looking to overpower the Dolphins with a couple of cunning plays designed to cut through their defensive side. The Dolphins would do well to watch out, as the Ravens are quite good at the passing game. Baltimore has a solid running team and a spectacular defensive strategy this year. There is a reason they have emerged as the top ranked team in the AFC North. This division features a number of tough teams, so you know that the Ravens are doing all they can to win. Overall, they have been progressing with steady results. NFL lines.

The Dolphins will look to force the Ravens into unfavorable situations in order to keep them under control. They have to move quickly because the Ravens are a fast team on the ground. The only chance the Dolphins have of winning is if they force turnovers, chase interceptions and keep pressure on the quarterback. Be sure and follow the game at, home of the best sports betting information on the Internet. NFL betting lines.

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