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The Tampa Bay Rays have been playing really well lately. Even though the Yankees have beat them time and time again, the Rays are on a steady road to improvement. It all came to light on Wednesday, as they managed to silence the powerful AL-East team. It was certainly one of their best performances this year. The game ended in a very one-sided 7-2 after nine innings. The Rays batting was simply explosive. Football betting lines.

A rain delay allowed the Rays a chance to get back on track. They started out ok, but the Yankees were winding up for a real knockout game. The Rays utilized their time wisely, using the unanticipated 2 hour and 11 minute break to keep warm and go over strategy.

It paid off. The Yankees came out of their dugout without the same power that they had at the start, and were shrewdly taken out by the Rays. The pitching that the Tampa Bay team brought out was impressive. Rookie Jeremy Hellickson did a fantastic job. He kept the Yankees hitless until the fifth inning, giving up only two runs in 3 1-3 innings for the win. It was an impressive outing for the Rays. The Tampa Bay team reminded the nation that the race is not yet over between them and the Yankees. Basketball odds.

The Yankees merely failed against an inspired Tampa Bay. There was no spark in their game, and they attribute this to the rain. There was little to no energy present in the stadium, an element that the Yankees really feed off of. The rest of the season between the Rays and the Yankees looks full of excitement. New York needs to keep winning, and the Rays will win again if they can repeat the performance they gave on Wednesday. Basketball spreads.

The Rays were driven. Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria hit consecutive homers Wednesday night to drive the team to victory. It was a much anticipated turn of events. Be sure and follow the rest of the season at

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