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The Al East has been the scene of fierce competition these past few weeks. After weeks of battling it out, the Yankees and the Rays are too close to tell who will take the lead. They have been trading wins at the top of the division for a while now, and as the season comes to an end, they are getting ready for the postseason. The game between the Rays and the Orioles was good for Baltimore, but disastrous for the Rays. It ended 2-0 after nine innings of exciting play, and with the Orioles took another win. Odds.

The team that has risen above all expectations, and has delivered one of the most surprising comebacks of the year, is the Baltimore Orioles. They have dominated ever since they took on Buck Showalter, and they don’t look like they want to stop anytime soon. While this team will not be going to the postseason, expect a massive push in the 2011 season. Scores.

The Baltimore team was shrewd on the field. They pitched well, batted heavily and managed to keep the Rays off the board. At the mound, they lit up. Kevin Millwood allowed two hits over seven innings, shutting down the Rays during his entire outing. It was a slap in the face for Tampa, who lost to a full crowd. Las Vegas odds.

At the plate, the Orioles ruthlessly beat out the Rays. Taking out the top team in the East with heavy hitting, Felix Pie hit a two-run triple to send the team to a win. He has been a key component this year for the Orioles, and is looking very useful for next season. While both of these teams will go on to give many stunning performances next year, the Rays are the only ones advancing this year. Be sure and follow all the games at

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