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The Tampa Bay Rays came under the spotlight the other day when Garza pitched the team’s first ever-hitless game. Since then they have been simply dominating everyone that dares face them. With some of the best pitching around, they are making games go their way. It ended in a tight 3-2 over one of the toughest teams in the nation at the moment.

Some players excel at hitting and fielding, one such guy is Evan Longoria. Although he hasn’t been on the top of his ability at the plate, he is sharper than ever in the field. His defensive prowess was extremely evident as he single handedly saved the game in the eighth inning, shutting down a bases loaded play by Cabrera.  Taking the wind out of their sails, the Rays shut the Tigers down quite swiftly on Tuesday.  The double play came as a chocker to the Tigers, who applauded the effort, it was just that good.

The pitching for the Rays has been great, solid starters have been the stars of the show. Against a fierce team like the Tigers however, you can never be too safe. Rafael Soriano, closing for the Rays on Tuesday, had a rough time. He was responsible for the bases loaded situation that led to Longoria’s stellar play, had it not bee for his quick reflexes, they would have lost the game.

Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon was extremely happy about the results of the game. He says that his guys are simply fearless, not afraid to make a mistake, but quick to make a gutsy play.  This is in part what has led to the Rays being in the position that they are; they have been dominating for the entire season, and appear to only be getting better. Be sure and follow the Rays as they beat the odds at, home of the bets betting data on the Internet.

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