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On Tuesday, the game that the Rays played had added significance. They managed to defeat the Minnesota Twins in a game that ended 6-4, and in doing so, they took the lead of the AL-East. The most surprising thing is how they did it. Vegas odds.

The Rays have been poised to take the Division leadership for quite some time. These guys are a great team, and have really brought attention to East Coast baseball. The best thing about the game on Tuesday is the fact that the Rays were able to win so easily. All their players seemed to be on point, and they were really working together for the win. The batting backed up the pitching, and the fielding carried both.

At the plate, the Rays were great, and with two swings, they took the game. Two home runs by some of their best hitters netted them three runs each. Sean Rodriguez and B.J. Upton are the guys who won the game for you fans out there. Rodriguez drove his in for an early three runs in the first inning. Then, the Twins rallied for a tie. Deep in the game, in the seventh inning, Upton scored his home run. Betting lines.

The pitching was rock solid for the Rays; they used their standard combo of Jeff Niemann and Rafael Soriano to take the game. Soriano netted himself a very sweet victory, and with the game, he claimed his 31st save. The Rays will have to play hard if they wish to hold onto their lead in the Division. Sports scores.

They have all the trappings of a top baseball team; they just need to prove that they can handle the position. Be sure and follow the Rays as they continue to make history, as always, check them out at, home of the absolute best sports betting data on the internet.

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