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In Baseball there are lots of things that can interfere with a player. Sand, dirt, dust, wind, other players, spectators and even the stadium lights can be a problem. Despite much adversity, the Boston Red Sox managed to defeat the Blue Jays in a game that ended 3-2 on Sunday. Football scores.

Things have been rough for Boston lately, who have been losing a lot of players to injuries recently and  having to compete with stellar teams from around the nation. With the a couple days of much needed rest coming up, several injured players have recovered  and the Sox  should be back to their usual selves after the All Star break.

The game against the Blue Jays was great, ther is  no other way to put it. It wasn’t a one sided defeat, but a competitive, fast paced, exciting game. The Sox pulled ahead with some nifty hitting. David Ortiz recalled how he managed to deal with the shadows that were plaguing other hitter’s – he simply shut his eyes. The muscle memory took care of the rest. David has been swinging a baseball bat most of his life, his arms and shoulders know what to do on reflex at this point. Ortiz and Darnell McDonald hit back-to-back home runs, and the Sox pulled a win out of the magical hat. Baseball scores.

The pitching was very solid; Daisuke Matsuzaka won for the first time in more than a month. He had an impressive game, allowing just two runs and six hits in six-plus innings. He walked none and struck out five. Despite being somewhat crippled by so many injuries, the Boston Red Sox managed to defeat the Blue Jays, who lead the league in home runs. Basketball scores.

Things will get even better when the injured players come off the disabled list. Keep an eye on the Red Sox at, home of the best betting data on the web.

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