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Adrian Gonzales was up against his former teammates but it was business as usual and it didn’t have the slightest bit of affect on him as it seemed. The Red Sox was able to get 10 runs in an inning which was definitely something worth watching. Gonzales led the pack as he three runs with a double and the a single in a huge seventh inning as the Red Sox rolled into a 14-5 victory over The San Diego Padres who were struggling to say the least on Monday. Vegas odds

Gonzzles who has been leading the majors with a batting average of .353 and 67 RBIs said “I had fun with it. I have fun out there every day,” “It was good to see them before the game and catch up with them, but once the game started, it was all about playing the game.”

The Red Sox have been on a roll and they have been playing much better than the teams they have been facing for the past two weeks. They are just 14-2 since they started playing in June. They have managed to score 10 runs for the fifth time in their nine games and are leading the majors with a batting average of .277. Betting lines

Dustin Pedroia said “I don’t really know the stats,” “We’re just out there playing. We’re trying to win games. We know we have a great offense. We’re just trying to put it all together and we’ve been doing that the past few weeks.”

The Red Sox just got five hits in their 10 innings. The three runs were scored by the two hit batsmen and there was a walk with loaded bases. Baseball betting lines

Cory Luebke had been struck out six times said “I felt fine,” “(My) last inning the ball was coming up a little bit. No matter how many pitches you’ve been out there for, you can’t walk the leadoff hitter. I kind of started the mess there.”

Gonzales who was traded in the offseason for three other prospects because his prior team couldn’t offer him a solid contract said “That seventh inning was all created by Pedey getting to first base. If he was not able to stay away from the double play and get down the line, my double doesn’t score a run. … After that, the guys just continued to have quality at-bat after quality at-bat.”

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