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The Cincinnati Reds were back to winning against the Houston Astros on Thursday. This team has continued to deliver extremely good games this year, landing them as one of the top contenders. As the season is coming to a close they are looking great. The Cincinnati team completely demolished the Astros on Thursday. It all came to an end at 9-1 after nine innings of heated play. Odds.

At the plate, the Reds were phenomenal. They have had explosive performances all year long, and to have one this late in the game bodes well for them. Drew Stubbs homered and drove in four runs, while Jonny Gomes homered as well. Both helped lift their team to a classic win. They also supported Bronson Arroyo, who pitched seven golden innings to dismantle the Astros. He did his team proud, striking out player after player and allowing four hits and no walks with four strikeouts. Scores.

The Astros, despite how good they have looked in recent weeks, failed against the Reds. They had no way of countering the massive batting derby that the Cincinnati team brought to the field.  Houston was sluggish at the mound and weak at the plate. Conversely, Cincinnati was on fire. As such, there was just no other possible outcome. Las Vegas odds.

It has been a rough year for the Astros. They have had a number of difficulties, and have lost many games due to their player’s inconsistencies. They will be on one day, and off the next. Spotty performances like that do not build lasting records. In stark contrast, the Reds have been solid all throughout this year. They have played their hearts out, and are now being rewarded for it. The rest of their season looks bright. They stand tall as NL-Central leaders, and have nothing to regret this season so far. Be sure and follow it all at

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