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The Cincinnati Reds took a game on Thursday against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The lowly Arizona team was cannon fodder on the field. Sure, they scored some runs, but they were never a threat for the Reds. The game ended 9-5 after nine innings of domination.

The pitching and hitting for Cincinnati has greatly improved in recent weeks. They are getting progressively better as the season comes to an end, and have really been putting on the pressure. The hitting was great, and catcher Ramon Hernandez hit back-to-back home runs with Jay Bruce. They backed up some solid pitching, and the game rolled on. Vegas odds.

This was the culmination to the three-game series sweep that the Reds have completed over Arizona. Throughout the entire series, Cincinnati appeared collected and always delivered a great game. All season long these guys have delivered some great games for their fans, really bringing the runs home. Betting lines.

Arizona has been on the bottom of the AL-West all season long. They have weak pitching, disorganized hitting and their fielding is lacking. They have been defeated in the majority of their games, and this will be merely another sad chapter in a long history of losses. Sports scores.

The rest of the season looks good for Cincinnati. They just need to hold onto their lead, and continue to deliver strong games. The team has amazing players, and always manages to play to their strengths, setting up plays that favor the individual.  The game on Thursday showed them completing some excellent plays. They work as a team in order to win. All the moves are really fluid; you can tell they have done some proper work in their practices. This is how major league baseball should be played. Be sure and follow it all at

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