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The Washington Redskins have been delivering quality football this year. On Sunday they defeated the Chicago Bears, who were hailed as one of the toughest teams around. Now that the NFL season is going into week 8, things are looking a little different. The game ended 17-14 after four impressive quarters of tough football. The Redskins used their penetrating offensive plays to break the Chicago defensive line, keeping them at bay with some quality defense of their own. Vegas odds.

No matter what the Bears did, they was just no way they were going to win the game. The Redskins were in too good of form during this game, and they were looking for victory no matter what. Though it was a close game, they took it with a bit of excellence football. DeAngelo Hall shut the Bears down with outstanding footwork that put him in the perfect spot for four interceptions. Overall those plays kept the Redskins in the lead. He tied the record to end up in the NFL’s record book with his performance on Sunday. Betting lines.

Cutlet did not have a good day. Aside from being sacked six times, he had to deal with all the interceptions. The Redskins pressured all the right places, and had just enough offensive push to keep the Bears off balance. The game was a spectacular demonstration of skill by the Redskins, who now move to 4-3 in the season. The rest of the year is coming down the chute, with the Redskins looking very well prepared for it. If they can continue playing at this level, it will be a fantastic year for them. The Chicago Bears would be wise to get Cutler some protection. If they don’t, he will be facing a season filled with concussions, interceptions and sacks. Be sure and follow the rest of the best NFL action at

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