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The Houston Rockets finally found their offensive prowess, and slammed the Timberwolves in a solid game on Sunday that demonstrated just how powerful they have become. The great cast of players delivered time and time again against the Timberwolves. The game was over with a final score of 120-94, and the Houston Rockets are making a move back towards winning, and are finally looking like the team they have made promises to be this year. Basketball lines.

The Rockets are now sitting on a 1-5 record, and with their first win if the season they are hoping to build momentum to deliver a winning season for their fans. They have a long way to go to win back their followers as they had a very poor start to their season so far. It will be a long haul, but the Rockets look like they have what it takes, they just need to focus. They outscored the Timberwolves in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, and despite a large push by the Timberwolves in the fourth, they managed, to keep them under control and take the game. Basketball betting lines.

The Houston Rockets have some great players, but they have a lot to make up this year before they will be amongst the top teams in the nation. The Timberwolves have been struggling this year, and are now sitting on a 1-6 record, with not much to look forward to as the season comes into full swing. Baseball odds.

The rest of the year, you can expect more stunning performances from the Rockets. However, that is only if they are able to keep their players under control and really start pressuring their opponents. Scola was the best player for the Rockets, delivering 24 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assist and 3 steals. Be sure and follow the Rockets as they progress through the season at

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