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The Colorado Rockies taught a lesson to the Padres on Tuesday, as they battled it out in a game that ended 6-3. The Rockies were in top form as they took command of the situation, and dominated the game with a fluid, controlled style of play. Certainly showing promise, the Rockies are looking on to bigger and better things. NFL spreads.

Great pitching and a superb batting lineup is what sealed the game for the Rockies. The Padres simply couldn’t break their defense, and succumbed to the machine gun like pitching. When there was a hit, the defense made sure nothing happened.  The batting looked as if it were something out of a baseball film.

Clint Barmes hit a three-run homer and finished with four RBIs. This is just a taste of what the Rockies brought to the game, as Carlos Gonzalez added a solo shot to the scoreboard and the Rockies took a 6-3 victory. With such explosive power, the team is looking pretty good for the rest of the season. Tightening up their game and working on the communication has helped them win more games recently. NFL lines.

The Rockies have hit six homers in two nights, one in each game by Gonzalez. He is just one player on a much larger team. The whole team is playing to this standard, bringing golden opportunities to fruition, and executing the plays with perfection. All the training in the mountains has paid off, the players seemed energized during the game, never tiring or slowing down.

The Rockies move up with each win and get ever closer to the Padres, who are leading the NL-West. Passing up San Francisco Giants, the Rockies now sit in third place, four games behind the Padres. If they keep things up, they could be in the top position in no time at all. Be sure to follow all future Rockies games on, home of the best betting data on the internet. NFL betting lines.

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