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Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy resigned; stepping down after the team set a franchise record for losses.

The Rockies asserted a search for Tracy’s replacement would begin immediately. Colorado finished last in the National League West this year while going 64-98.

Tracy was promoted from bench coach to manager in May 2009. He was voted the National League Manager of the Year that season after guiding Colorado into the playoffs. NFL betting lines

The Colorado Rockies went 294-308 under Tracy.

“I was surprised,” Bill Geivett, the team’s director of major league operations said. “I wanted Jim to come back. That’s how we started our conversation on Fri., that he was the manager. But he called, informed me today he was resigning.”

Tracy had announced repeatedly over the last several weeks that he wanted to fulfill the final year on his deal in 2013, but he changed his mind after meeting with Geivett for several hours and then mulling those discussions over the weekend.

The media claimed that Tracy felt uncomfortable with his role after changes were made to the front office Aug. 1.

Geivett claimed he had no schedule for hiring a new manager.

“Everything up to this point has been focused on bringing Jim Tracy back,” he said.

Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez also believed Tracy would return, the media reported.

“Jim Tracy’s resignation is something I truly regret since he gave me the (chance) to play in the major leagues and prove my talent,” Gonzalez asserted. “It has always been an honor to play for him. I always believed he’d have an opportunity to be with us next year.

Geivett said it had been a complicated day because his friendship with Tracy goes back twenty years. They also worked along with the old Montreal Expos and with the L.A Dodgers.

Things changed for Tracy on Aug. 1 when Geivett, the assistant GM, was given an office in the clubhouse and began focus on roster management, particularly as it related to the pitchers, and evaluating the coaching staff. Tracy’s responsibilities were narrowed to game management and meeting with the media.

Geivett said that structure will stay in place next season, but he revealed he didn’t think that’d be a problem in his search for a new manager.

In addition to altering their front office, with GM Dan O’Dowd refocusing his attention on the minor leagues and player development while Geivett concentrated on top operations, the Rockies last summer adopted a radical 4-man rotation and a 75-pitch limit for 2 months.

Geivett claimed the Colorado Rockies will return to a normal 5-man rotation next season with pitch limits determined on a case-by-case basis, “although I don’t believe we’ll ever go back to the times of 120 pitches.”

Tracy, the 5th manager in club history, was given an indefinite deal extension last spring but it guaranteed only his 2013 salary of $1.4 million as field manager and truly just represented the organization’s wish to keep him in the organization in some capacity.

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