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Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose announced his hurting back is getting better, and he doesn’t assume any lingering difficulty.

Even so, he missed his 3rd straight game because of lower back spasms when the Chicago Bulls beat the Sacramento Kings 121-115 and remains day to day. Las Vegas odds

Rose saw a back expert who affirmed MRI results from last that he has a muscular concern and must continue to relax and get therapy. He also saw a chiropractor to help the recuperation.

To afford support the registry while Rose is out, the Chicago Bulls signed vet Mike James from the D-League to a 10-day contract. The Bulls called James, 36, up from the Erie BayHawks in December when Rose suffered a toe wound. Vegas odds

“My team is doing very good,” Rose said. “We’re playing, man. Certainly we lost our last game, but I am not anxious about that. It’s behind us. We’re trying to come out and play hardball and play assertive. That is something we didn’t do last game.”

Thibodeau said that Rose doesn’t bring to mind a play that hurt his back.

“The 1st time he discussed (the injury) was the Milwaukee game (February 4),” the coach expounded. “I think he had sixteen points in the 1st quarter. He’s a dynamic athlete. He’s in the air a lot. He was not sure if it was from sleeping in all of the various hotel beds.”

Rose may wish to get back on the court shortly, but his vote is just one.

“It’s not only his choice,” Thibodeau declared. “There are a lot of individuals that are weighing in on it. We have got a good medical staff, great training staff. Their input is critical. His entry is critical. We’re actually not intending to do something that might expose him being hurt further. He’s feeling better … And we’ll just go from there.”

Thibodeau said it is rather too early to state whether the Bulls would need Rose to sit out the All-Star Game on February 26.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” he said. “We’re worried about today and Sacramento. When you look at his situation, if it is more sensible for him not to play, then he won’t play. But if he will play, then he’ll play. That’s down the road. We aren’t there yet.”

Rose also said he isn’t thinking about the All-Star Game “at all right now.”

For now, Rose has to get used to sitting on the bench. He hasn’t claimed much about it, but colleagues know it’s bothering him.

“If you know Derrick, you know he’s quiet. But when he’s sitting out and things aren’t going our way, or a team makes a run, as an example, we just lost to Boston, that eats at him inside,” Ronnie Brewer announced. “He will get here early and get extra treatment and stay late, get extra therapy. He is such a rival; he would like to get on the floor. He is doing all of the necessary things it takes to get back healthy. But once again, he needs to be clever about it. But he’s still targeted with helping C.J. (Watson), helping whatever he sees on the court. If he’s on the bench or in practice.”

That disposition is part of what makes Rose particular and why Chicago Bulls colleagues have such acceptance for him.

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