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For all you basketball fans out there, an exciting tournament is approaching. The stakes are set. The US team is facing some rough opposition and is expecting to have some tough games ahead of them. This year is nothing like the tournament they played in 2006, where it was all the biggest names in basketball playing in China, a country they are highly revered in. The 2010 tournament will certainly prove to be a bit more difficult. Baseball Spreads

Turkey is a great country, but the new roster that will play there this year is full of unknown players. While they have the skill, they don’t have the fame to command cheers rivaling those received in China. They started off well, beating France in a game on Monday, 86-55 in their lone home exhibition game. They left after for Madrid, Spain. They have three more tough opponents to face before arriving in Turkey for the final games of the Worlds that begin on August 28th. NFL Spreads

There are many obstacles for the Americans who are going to play in Europe. Many people harbor resentment for various reasons. As such, the players are not cheered on as they would be at home, making tension run high before games. Some times, even when they win, they are booed. There may be more losses this year than when the team played in Asia.

Basketball harbors a special place in Asian communities. In China and Japan, basketball players are known by name. The sport is widely practiced, and in many cases, the American team was a favorite for the fans. The only thing that is certain is that these guys will have to grit out the difficulties, and just play their best. They have the skill to take the tournament and the medals; it will come down to their determination. Be sure and follow it all at Basketball Spreads, home of the best sports betting data.

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