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Well folks, it seems as if the Kansas City Royals are back and here to stay. With big scores like this, they are sending a message to other teams throughout the league: Watch out, we are coming for you. In a massive victory, the Royals simply outclassed the Cardinals, a team who has been on a rocky road over the past few weeks. NFL odds.

Fans of the KC Royals had something to cheer about last night  - their team finally won! This game was an impressive showing of talents, defensively the Royals were impeccable, and offensively, they were a destructive force to be reckoned with .  Not often does a big league baseball score go to double digits, but it certainly did this time around.

One swing by Kansas City’s Wilson Betemit changed everything. The game was going along smoothly, both teams plodding along, the Cardinals seemingly in control. Their pitching was tighter than the Royals’, but then, things took a rather unexpected turn. NFL spreads.

It was the home run by Betemit that upset the flow; Garcia was in control, not expecting anything out of the norm to happen, and instead ended up giving away a huge advantage to the opposition. Betemit slammed the home run and broke a 69 inning home run drought that the Royals had been suffering through prior to this game.

Garcia, who went seven and four,  lasted only two innings plus three batters. He allowed five runs on four hits and two walks. It was his shortest outing and the most runs he’s allowed this season. His ERA climbed from 1.79, second-best in the majors, to 2.27. This was truly a sad day for the Cardinals. NFL lines.

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