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Sometimes being on edge and angry can yield impressive results. The aggression and adrenaline keeps you on your toes, and swinging with more power than usual as chemicals course through your brain, naturally enhancing your performance. This seemed to be the case for Royals Jose Guillen during the game with the White Sox that ended in a spectacular 7-6. Odds.

With his temper flaring, Jose Guillen managed some amazing plays. First of all, he made a much needed home run that scored three runs. The moody outfielder then performed an amazing catch in the ninth inning, he smashed himself into the pads at the back of the stadium in pursuit of a ball, caught it and got the out that closed the game.

Jose Guillen was taken out of the outfield and made a full time hitter when his power and accuracy were deemed to warrant more attention than his fielding. Since then he has been doing great things for the Royals.  Along with Billy Butler, who scored a home run in the first inning, the rest of the batters for the Royals were also doing extremely well. Scores.

Peavy gave up three runs on seven hits in six innings, with two walks and five strikeouts. The White Sox pitcher broke his personal winning streak of almost 25 innings without a hit. The Royals wanted the win just that much; they chased down an impossible pitcher and showed him what for. This is what sets great teams apart, the ability to pursue a goal no matter what the obstacles or circumstances may be. Las Vegas odds.

The White Sox faltered and the Royals capitalized on their home field advantage. They know the wind conditions and the field conditions better than anyone, it’s their ballpark, their turf, and this time around they defended it along with their pride. Be sure and follow the Royals on, home of the best MLB sports betting info on the internet.

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