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Is it really possible that Rudy Fernandez’s stint with the Mavericks just be temporary? Just two weeks after the draft night he was reportedly offered a long term six year contract playing for Real Madrid which would in fact make him the heaviest paid player in the history of the Spanish ACB and the most successful pro in Europe. According to a report on Sunday by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo the seemingly struggling franchise of Real Madrid hopes to actually revise its fortunes by further luring Fernandez 26 back to his home country with promises of big money something which may not be possible in the NBA. Vegas odds

According to the newspaper the proposed deal amounts to a whopping $4.35 million each year. Under the current expired collective bargaining agreement he was due to make just $2.2 million so they are actually doubling up on his offer. But with the NBA in its early stages of a potential work stoppage, some salaries are going to be restrictive under the now new CBA law and as Fernandez heads over into his fourth NBA season he might find that the new contract is less lucrative rather as compared to if he played in his own country. Betting lines

The report says that if he does agree to play for Real Madrid he would need to return back to the Mavs whenever the 2011-12 season begins, finish that season and then cut his ties with the NBA to return to the Spanish club. Fernandez has played a good three seasons for the Trail Blazers and averaged 9.1 points on a 39.4 percent shooting percentage. However because of the current lockout situation the Mavs cannot officially speak with Fernandez concerning his offer. Sports scores

Fernandez struggled during the first round with Portland’s playoff with Dallas which averaged 2.8 points on a 22.2 percent shooting score. What happens from here on out will actually depend on what happens to the NBA, the longer this lockout proceeds the higher the chances are that Fernando will just bite the bullet and join his native country’s league. There could also be other players that opt to do that as well which could drain the NBA of potentially excellent players which injures its reputation as a professional league with great games.

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