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We’ve had a few very interesting match-ups in the NBA on Saturday, and one of them was the Sacramento Kings against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Kings have had a terrible season and they were just dying for a chance to prove their worth, while the Grizzlies were pretty good, but consistently inconsistent. Odds.

The first quarter proved that this game can really give us a surprise, as the Kings were actually better than the Grizzlies. Udrih showed he has a lot of love for his team and was one of the best players on the field, managing 24 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. His first quarter performance was enough to give the Kings a lead, and quite a few hopes. The score was 28-23.

“I had a good game, but I was just trying to get everyone else going,” Udrih stated. “It doesn’t matter what was going on in the offense, we basically fell on defense. That’s why they beat us that bad.” Scores.

However, that’s when the surprises ended. The Grizzlies rallied themselves and utterly destroyed their opponents. They managed a spectacular offensive game and managed to score 33 points. The Kings were in disbelief as they couldn’t do anything to stop the mighty Grizzlies. The second quarter score was 21-33, which brought the overall score to 49-56.

“That’s the way we play night in and night out,” Zach Randolph stated. “That’s the game plan to go inside out. Once we get it going, other guys can get off their shots because [defenders] are going to have to come and double-team, and we’re passing the ball.”

The Kings looked tired and the Grizzlies looked on top of their game. By the end of the first quarter, it became apparent which way this game was going to go. The Grizzlies completely dominated the field, they were better in attack, better in defense and they completely obliterated their opponents. It was blood bath out there as the Kings were outscored 17-33. The overall score was brought to 66-89 and all the Grizzlies had to do was defend well.

“After the first quarter, we couldn’t get anything going for us, it seemed like,” Paul Westphal, Sacramento Kings coach, stated. “We couldn’t guard them at all, and offensively, we were turning the ball over, not executing well. “We looked like a tired, depleted team, which we are.” Las Vegas odds.

But the Grizzlies were not content to defend in the fourth quarter and they continued to score a lot. Their defense slacked off a bit, but they were still able to win this one, 92-120.

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