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The superior offensive game that New Orleans brought to the field on Sunday was the decisive factor in the game against the Steelers. There was not much of a contest, as they were out-gained, outscored and out-hustled on the field. Despite having a very powerful defense, the Steelers were ruthlessly beaten. The game ended 20-10 after regulation time, allowing the Steelers to fall to 5-2. While they are still a major player, the Pittsburgh team will need to work on their game a bit more if they expect to win against teams like the Saints. Football odds.

In a great turnaround, the Saints took the game. After losing their previous game against the Browns, they finally looked like a champion team on Sunday. Drew Brees went 20/22 on his passes to deliver pure gold. He was in top form, looking sharp as the game went on. He threw for 191 yards in the second half to finish with 305 yards spread among nine receivers. The Saints did everything they had to in order to win this important game. If they want to make it back to where they were last year, then they need to buckle down. Football spreads.

The Steelers did appear collected in a few plays. However in the end, they were simply outmatched. Pittsburgh couldn’t keep up with Brees and his incredible passes, and instead crumbled under the pressure. The game was so tough on defense that neither team scored a touchdown through three quarters. Then the magic happened as the Saints came alive. They pressured the Steelers and hammered Roethlisberger, who went 17 of 28 for 195 yards. Football lines.

If the Saints can keep playing like this, they will be able to move forward in the season. It will just take a focused effort on their part. Be sure and follow up on the Super Bowl champs at, home of the best sports betting information around.

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