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The N.Y Jets will start organized voluntary training programs, but quarterback Mark Sanchez and receiver Santonio Holmes have already started making an attempt to rebuild their chemistry.

Sanchez and Holmes have spent last week in Orlando, Fla., along with players Dustin Keller and Patrick Turner. Running back Joe McKnight might join his colleagues later on.

Tom Shaw, Holmes’ longtime trainer, declared that Holmes invited Sanchez to join him in Florida. The two also had met earlier in the offseason as they try to fix a broke relationship that helped derail the Jets’ 2011 season.

There will be a new dynamic for Sanchez to triumph over this season, also, with Tim Tebow added to the quarterback mix. The New York Jets say they acquired Tebow to play in their Wildcat package and to be the No. 2 quarterback, but if Sanchez struggles, strain for Tebow to accept will build.

The Jets won’t receive their new playbooks from new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, the former Miami Dolphins head coach, but Shaw declared that Sanchez called out routes and plays from notes that he brought with him. Sanchez had a meeting with previous Jets and Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington earlier this offseason in an effort to find out more about Sparano and his offensive method.

“Mark was in charge, everybody was listening to his instructions,” Shaw claimed. “Players from other teams, too. (The Titans’) Chris Johnson, Larry Taylor, who used to be with the N.Y Jets. Once we ended the workout for the day, Sanchez took over. He was in control of the whole offensive part. He is working diligently, and he’s doing all he can to get better.”

The Sanchez-Holmes relationship started to conflict early last season, when Holmes — a team captain — made publicly imperative remarks about the offense. Sanchez called a team meeting, imploring teammates to keep differences in-house, but Holmes continued to twist the offense.

It unraveled during the final week of the season, when Holmes refused to attend after-hours classroom room sessions that Sanchez had arranged for the quarterbacks and receivers. The circumstance imploded in the last minutes of the regular-season finale, when Holmes started jawwing with teammates in the huddle and virtually came to blows with tackle Wayne Hunter. Holmes was benched.

Holmes was irritated throughout the season due to his shortage of inclusion in the offense. He finished with only 51 receptions for 654 yards, his worst statistical season as a starter. Betting lines

As a result of a clause in his 5-year, $45 million deal, signed last offseason, the N.Y Jets had small option but to retain Holmes. He previously was assured $7.75 million, his income for 2012, and the majority of his 2013 salary ($7.5 million, to be specific) became warranted on February 8. The Jets had a one-day window with which to allow him to go, but the salary-cap hit was prohibitory.

Sanchez, as well, saw his deal sweetened in the offseason. He received a 3-year, $40 million extension, meaning he’s under agreement thru 2016. Two weeks after the extension was published, which came after an unlucky flirtation with Peyton Manning, the Jets traded for Tebow. Sports scores

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