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With one quarterback change, the New York Jets may have affected the way ahead for two quarterbacks — Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

The Jets will explore all options with Sanchez, including a trade, and the team plans to part ways with Tebow after the season, league sources recounted.

It might be tricky to trade Sanchez because of an $8.25 million guarantee in 2013 in his contract. Nevertheless the Jets, who benched Sanchez in favor of the unproven Greg McElroy, are taking an open-minded approach and may be happy to start over at quarterback.

Responding to the trade speculating, Sanchez’s agent and older brother, Nick Sanchez, asserted: “Mark is a Jet and he’s going to support the New York Jets any way he can through what’s left of season.”

Nick Sanchez declined to comment on next season.

In the meantime, an obviously miffed Tebow, no longer masking his season-long disappointment, left no doubt he’s unsatisfied with his role. He’ll try to play elsewhere next season, and the Jets appear happy to accommodate his wishes.

Upset he was passed over for the starting-quarterback job; Tebow spoke of the Jets in the past tense, admitting he doesn’t see why they traded for him last March. Questioned if he predicts returning to the team in 2013, he announced: “I’m not sure. It’s something we’ll talk about after the season.”

The backup quarterback is expected to ask out, clarifying, “I haven’t requested a trade yet” — the word “yet” hanging in the air. He’s signed through 2014. Football odds

Sanchez declared “of course” he’d very much like to remain with the New York Jets, but he declined to talk about his future in any detail. At some point in the offseason, he’d like to meet with the front office and the coaching staff to talk about his role and the direction of the offense, sources recounted. If he doesn’t like what he hears, it’s possible he, as well, may desire a fresh start on another team.

Because of severe cap implications, the Jets would be hard-pressed to cut Sanchez, who received a contract extension last March. The cap charge for such a move would be $17.1 million in 2013; though the Jets can spread it over 2 seasons if they designate him a June 1 cut.

If the New York Jets trade him, they’d have an $8.9 million cap hit. The Jets also probably would need to pay a big slice of his $8.25 million guarantee to convince another team to take him, and that total would be added to the $8.9 million charge.

Sanchez told a group of reporters at his locker that he disagreed with coach Rex Ryan’s call to bench him. A handful of cameramen left Sanchez’s locker and sprinted across the room when McElroy appeared, creating a commotion that resulted in Sanchez to stop mid-sentence and look up — another vintage moment in the Jets’ 3-quarterback circus.

Sanchez went from starter to likely 3rd string in a New York minute. He did a better job of hiding his emotions than Tebow, who “looked furious” upon receiving the reports from Ryan, according to a team source.

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