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Scott Kazmir was experiencing a terrible downward spiral while playing for the Angels, but it has now come to an end as the team has formally given him an unconditional release and have opted to eat up the $14.5 million they still happen to owe him rather than put him back on the team roster. Odds

Mike Scioscia the manager for the Angles said “Right now it’s the best thing for (Kazmir). Hopefully he can get off that treadmill and restore his career because he was really struggling trying to get the ability to compete again, and I mean get his tools where can compete again up here. He wasn’t going in the right direction,”

Kazmir was one of the players who was recently put on the team’s disabled list after the start of his first season with a 9-15 and a 5.94 ERA just last year. After he spent over a month on extended spring training in order to try and regain his lost form that made him probably one of the best young pitchers in the MLB just a few years ago, but he struggled and failed miserably while on his minor league rehab sting. Scores

The most recent sacking has been of Tony Reagins the general manager which just happened on Tuesday. Kazmir was a miserable 0-5 and allowed for 30 runs in 15 1/3 innings and managed to hit six of those batters in the five outings. The Angles then opted to trade Sean Rodriguez the utility man as well as two minor league players for Kazmir back in August 2009.

Kaxmir who is 27 had led the American League in the strikeouts in 2007 but he managed to lose his touch while playing for the Angles. His speed dipped and he lost his devastating slider. Las Vegas odds

Sciocia said “From where he was in August, September ‘09 when he came over and actually threw the ball well in spring training in ‘10 to where he is now is a very rapid decline,” “He’s still young and I’m sure at some point we hope he can unlock that secret of where he needs to be.”

The Angles are all set to improve with their replacement being a 21 year old right hander named Tyler Chatwood. He is having a great time so far and will continue to do so after Kazmir.

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