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Despite David West suffering from a terrible knee injury back in March the New Orleans Hornets’ forward had expected not to play in the final season of his contract which ends this week so that he could become a free agent, according to a number of sources. The deadline for West is June 30 on his contract prior to which he needs to notify the Hornets about his intentions i.e. whether they should invoke the next season’s $7.5 million dollar salary contract or let him go as a free agent However sources are saying that the Hornets are bracing themselves for West’s announcement prior to Thursday’s buzzer sounding. Vegas odds

The Hornets have been anticipating for quite some time now that West would leave them to become a free agent, despite him undergoing surgery back in April to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee which was suffered back on March 24. The reason they give is that West still thinks he is one of the two or three coveted players in the market even in spite of his serious injury and an average of 18.9 points with 7.6 rebounds in the last seventy games he played last season. Football scores

Sources close to the Hornets said they would still want to sign West up for an extended period prior to the deadline on Thursday. However he is expected to make more money in free agency as compared to being rehired by the Hornets for $7.5 million. But the dangers of free agency is that it could be delayed if the NBA imposes the dredged lockout prior to renewing their bargaining agreement on July 1st. Sources are saying that it may probably only be an unforeseeable setback within 72 hours which could change his mind.

West said “Whatever decision it is, and to me it’s probably a bigger deal to other people than it is to me, it’s just something I’m waiting to do,” “I wanted to finish this week in particularly because this is a good point in my rehab. After this rehab (session Friday), I’ll have a good long conversation with my agent (Octagon’s Lance Young) and go from there.” We wish West the best of luck despite the fact that we do not know how the injury has affected his performance. Baseball lines

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