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The Los Angeles Sparks did a  great job when it came to welcoming their new coach Joe Bryant with a win in his debut match. 18 Points were added by Ticha Penicheiro as the Los Angeles Sparks managed to snap back from a five game losing streak with a 84-74 win over the Silver Stars yesterday night. This win puts an end to their five game long losing streak. Basketball scores

Speaking of the ned of the losing streak Pinicheiro said “It was not a monkey,” “it was an orangutan, a gorilla on our back.”

Kobe’s father hand taken over the Sparks as coach on Sunday after their coach Jennifer Gillom was fired. By then Los Angeles had lost five games on their seven game road trip which now ends on Friday at Tulsa. This is Bryant’s second shot at being coach of the Sparks, he was previously coach from August 2005 to 2006. NFL scores

He did show some fire when he first started by getting a technical in the second quarter of the game for no call. He said “If I don’t get them, they’ll get them, and that’ll throw them off their game” during the third quarter of the game he used his shoot first and ask questions later method to loosen things up for the Sparks after Kristi Toliver hand to turn the ball over, Bryant then gave some advice straight from the sidelines by saying repeatedly “shoot it”

Toliver did just that and got a 3 pointer in the next possession. Bryant said “You can’t be afraid to play,” “Someone like Kristi Toliver, I’ll take her out if she doesn’t shoot the ball.”

This same advice also went to Penicheiro who has scored a second season high in the second game of the season off bench. NFL odds

Bryant said “She’s always been known as a non-shooter, a passer,” “I kind of gave her the green light, said ‘If you don’t shoot, I’m taking you out too.”

Sophia Yong got 22 points for the Silver Stars who now have a three game losing streak to comeback from. Danielle Adams got 16 and eight rebounds for San Antonio.

Hammond said “That happens sometimes when you get in a rough patch,” “As (coach Dan) Hughes says, ‘We get cold, we can get hot.”

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