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Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has been disturbed and questioned for many things this season. While coaching one of the most talened teams in the league, Spo hasn’t fulfilled expectations yet, nevertheless, he has managed to pull together a very competitive group while being on the spotlight all-season long. However, after “The Decision” and all the media frenzy that went on during the off-season, the Miami Heat are obviously the main target for critics. Basketball odds.

Throughout the course of the regular season, Spo has been criticized for not copying Pat Riley’s playbook. He has been criticized for blowing out games. He has been criticized for not having the Heat on top of the Eastern Conference. However, he doesn’t regret making those missteps and takes it easy by saying that this is a whole new roster and they still need some time to jell.

What Spo really regrets and wishes he wouldn’t have brought up is the moment when he revealed his team suffered an emotional breakdown in the locker room after a loss against the Chicago Bulls last month. Basketball spreads.

Spoelstra claims that the “crying comment” he made to the media was taken “out of context” and has been distracting his team since. There is no doubt that it was very frustrating for the Miami Heat when they lost another crushingly close game on another nationally televised stage. It was a killer loss that could have been avoided… maybe LeBron didn’t make a wise decision late in the game, maybe it was Wade’s fault, or maybe Spo didn’t make the right call. Nevertheless, it was another close game devastating loss and the team was starting to melt down. In the end they did and tears were shed inside the Heat’s locker room.

The quick take from this is that Erik Spoelstra is still learning, with his regrets and missteps on public record. The better take on this is that no coach in league history has had a job like this. The combination of hype, talent, media frenzy and Pat Riley’s presence make this an unprecedented turn.

With 10 games left to go before this season ends, the Miami Heat have clinched a playoff berth and they will probably end up 3-seeded in the Eastern Conference. In the first round the Heat will face the 6-seeded team which could be either the Philadelphia 76ers or the New York Knicks. Basketball lines.

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