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The Rams have done well this year. The St. Louis team has had a few good games, and is looking better and better as things go on. On Sunday, they will be facing off against the Lions in what will most likely be a complete washout. The Lions are 0-4 this season, and the Rams are 2-2. The superior game that the St. Louis team has been playing will carry them through. This team needs only to hold on and play the way they have been. The Lions will be playing with everything they got. It’s do-or-die for them, and they have nothing to lose. Vegas odds.

The Rams have won their games playing very clean offense. Passing well, running the ball quickly and setting up quality plays has been their tactic. Their defensive line has certainly proven powerful. Being able to rely on them has allowed both sides of the team to come together quite cohesively. Though they have lost two, they are the undeniable favorites in this game, and for good reason. The Rams are looking much more prepared than the Lions for Sunday. Betting lines.

It will be a tough break for Detroit, and the team will really need to button down to avoid going 0-5 this season. The Lions would do well to bone up on their defense, because that may be the only hope they have of stopping St. Louis. Detroit has allowed 375.5 average yards per game, while taking only 335 on the offensive. Sports scores.

Perhaps patching these holes in their defense will permit them to get serious. Detroit has the players, but making them work together is another thing entirely. The Rams will look to outmaneuver the Lions, avoid any unnecessary injuries and play the ball with strong passing and running. Be sure and follow it all at

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