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Having good players on your team is never a bad thing. The problem comes when there are too many people that want to call the shots, and not enough people to run the plays. Basketball is perhaps one of the most demanding team sports, requiring perfect co ordination from every single member if a game is to be won.

A perfect example of what can happen when communication breaks down is evident in the results of the 2010 NBA Championship Playoff. The LA Lakers came back off a downturn, and beat the Boston Celtics in a dramatic 7th game finish. They played circles around the Celtics, who appeared to be a broken team in the final game.

A major star in the basketball community has recently joined the Miami heat. Lebron James decided to sign with them for a while, and is certainly brining some experience and clout to their game. Miami has one of the most popular teams in basketball, which showcases some of the best talent in the game.

The problem is, Miami has a star heavy roster. When so many excellent players are put on a team together, each of them wants to shine brighter than the next, it is not in a stars interest to shine the spotlight away from himself. The main challenge will be for the team managers to reign in their guys and give them short warnings. Heed instruction, or they wont win.

The way to have this team play would be like any other team, supporting a main shooter or two and setting up defensive plays and scoring opportunities. You see it all the time with teams like the LA Lakers, during the finals, their defensive team member were everywhere, preventing Boston from advancing.

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