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The Indiana Pacers were no match for Miami Heat’s star power. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and most of all Dwyane Wade were spectacular as they beat the Pacers to a pulp. The first quarter was simply amazing for Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade started the game like it was his last and was simply unstoppable.

“It was amazing,” LeBron James stated. “That’s part of the reason why he’s D-Wade. We saw him get going early and we just kept giving him the ball. It was an unbelievable first quarter and an unbelievable first half in itself.”

And nobody can say James is being friendly just because he is talking about a team mate. Wade was amazing and managed to score a whooping 31 points. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first quarter was simply the best of the season for Miami Heat. Wade was on a preposterous run as the Heat melted the Pacers 41-19. It was an astounding performance that saw Miami break a few of their season records, including best point difference in a quarter and most points scored in a quarter. Basketball spreads.

After that amazing first quarter the Pacers did not lose confidence and were a monument of determination in the second. Coming back from a crushing 22 point deficit, they managed to outscore Miami 35-17. It was 58-54 after the first half and things looked promising for both teams.

In the third quarter the Indiana Pacers were still on a roll and even though the difference between the two teams was not so considerable, they managed to outscore the Heat 29-24 and brought the score to a very tight 82-83, with everything to play for in the fourth quarter. Basketball odds.

“We’re one of the best fourth-quarter teams in the league,” Dwyane Wade stated. “With the caliber players that we have, especially myself and Chris and LeBron, we’re able to run the full-court offense, get good shots, high percentage shots.”

“Our fourth-quarter defense is tremendous,” LeBron James added. “When it’s winning time, we know how to get stops.”

And it seems the statements from the two superstars are quite correct. Without feeling the least threatened by Indiana’s amazing comeback, LeBron James and Chris Bosh practically ruled the fourth quarter, outscoring the Pacers 28-20. Wade finished the game with 41 points, a tally which undoubtedly won the game for Miami. It was a grand show and we should hope to see many more like it. Basketball scores.

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