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The Steelers will be facing off against the Saints in a game on Sunday that will determine how well they are equipped to deal with their opponents this season. At the moment, the Steelers have the better record at 5-1. The Saints are coming in on a 4-3 record after a complete blowout against the Raiders. Last week, they played a horrible game in which Drew Brees utterly failed to deliver. The result was that the Oakland Raiders ruthlessly crushed them. The Steelers have been winning all year so far, and are looking very organized on the field. This will be a momentous game for Pittsburg, if they can take it. Vegas odds.

The Steelers have a tendency to come through with quality. There is no doubt about that. They will try to overpower the Saints while they are off guard, as they are still recovering from the shaky game against the Raiders. The Steelers have been solid on the ground with a few fantastic running plays. The Pittsburgh team has yielded an average of 22.8 points per game, maintaining a very shrewd defensive at the same time. They have only allowed 13.7 points per game, as they are playing with one of the best defensive lines around. Betting lines.

The Saints have been a bit wobbly, dropping some important games against even weaker foes. However, the rest of the season is still looking good for them, as they are still the defending Super Bowl champions. Don’t go underestimating this team. They have a number of the sharpest players in the game, as well as a definite grasp on what they need to do in order to win. The Saints have allowed an average of 19.7 points per game, while taking an average of 21.0. Be sure and keep yourself up to date on all the best action at, home of the best sports betting information. Sports scores.

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