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Tennis has seen some brilliant players in the past few years come to power. With Rafael Nadal reigning terror on the court, and Roger Federer claiming every title available, there has been little room for competition.

The Swedish open has provided a platform for some of the greater talents in Europe to showcase their skills. Soderling is one of many hopefuls for the title. Two-time champion Tommy Robredo just placed himself in the quarterfinals after he defeated Andrey Golubev of Kazakhstan.

The game went to a solid 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, with Robredo taking a firm grasp of the situation, and showing Andrey who was boss. Tennis is such an athletic game, every single thing you do counts. Take a wrong step and twist your ankle and the game is over.

The determination shown by the players in the Swiss Open is amazing, rivaling that  of the players in Wimbledon a few weeks ago. The next match for Robredo is against Spanish countryman Fernando Verdasco. Number two-seeded Verdasco will face off against the number 5 pick  in what will surely be an awesome game.

The rest of the tournament is looking good, Robin Soderling is in the quarterfinals, the results of the match between the two Spaniards will put Spain there as well. Another Spanish player, No. 4 Nicolas Almagro, beat Jarkko Nieminen of Finland 6-4, 6-4 with seven aces.

Almargo faces off against a strong opponent from Croatia, Franco Skugor, who achieved his first win on the main ATP Tour this week, along with Ervin Eleskovic.

Tennis, the ever-popular game, has achieved star status in the past few years, with more and more focus on it in schools around the world. There seems to be an ever-increasing influx of great players from all around the world. Be sure and check out your favorite at, home of the greatest Internet sports archives.

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