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The Gov. Rick Perry has said that his alma Mater, Texas A&M as well as the SEC are now discussing the Aggies possible membership the league according to a report published by the Dallas Morning News. Perry was asked by reports back on Wednesday as to why there was a recent swirling of speculation around the move. Odds

He replied “I’ll be real honest with you. I just read about it the same time as y’all did. … As far as I know, conversations are being had. That’s frankly all I know. I just refer you to the university and the decision makers over there.”

Perry had once served as the university’s yell leader whose president was R. Bowen Loftin and he recently acknowledged that there was some uncertainty in terms of the university’s future membership into the Big 12 this year. But Texas A&M had released this statement via multiple media outlets that “President Loftin is committed to doing what is best for Texas A&M not only now, but also into the future. We continue to have wide-ranging conversations regarding all aspects of the university, including both academics and athletics.”

Texas A&M have been busy discussing their terms of membership into the league just last summer with the future of the Big 12’s in doubt but it was the leaders of the University which decided to stick with the Big 12. The leaders of Texas A&M have currently expressed concerns regarding the Longhorn Network’s effect on its long term stability in the Big 12 and there are also rumors which are surrounding renewed talks both between the university as well as the conference to have taken place in the past few weeks. Scores

Right now there are a number of things that Texas A&M will need to do in order to get things going. One of the sticking points is bound to be their policies and something which may hold them back in the future. But when it is all said and done it boils down to what the leaders of the university decide. If anything the Big 12 is definitely something many universities aim for and so Texas A&M is no different provided that they can get their act together so that their players can get to work. Las Vegas odds

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