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In Texas, today is not only a day to give thanks, it is also a day filled with anticipation for the game between the Cowboys and Saints. Each of these teams has done well so far this season. Last year’s Super Bowl champions the Saints will be taking a trip to Arlington to prove that have what it takes to take yet another season for their own. That being the case, the Cowboys will be faced with the challenge of trying to beat a talented and determined team. So get ready for some turkey and football, because this is sure to be a match-up that you cannot afford to miss. Vegas odds.

The Saints occupy second place of the NFC South, and stand with a comfortable 7-3 record. They would do well to win this game, as they are only one game behind the Atlanta Falcons for first place of their division. Their best bet will be to pass the ball, something they have done well as season long. So far this season, New Orleans has averaged 247 yards passing and 84.3 rushing. However, they might also take a shot at running the ball. With running back Reggie Bush coming back into action, and given Dallas’ average of permitting 117 yards per game, this team would be wise to see how far they can run it. Whatever way they choose to move the ball, this team will be giving it their all in an attempt to reach the take of their division. Betting lines.

The Cowboys have won their last two games, which further boosts their momentum for this Thanksgiving Day game. They are also playing at home, something that always seems to give a team an advantage. Though Dallas started off the season one a poor note, they continue to improve as the season unfolds. Considering their 83 rushing and 272 passing yards, strong defense and new head coach, the Cowboys are sure to give it their all once again in this game. While the Saints are coming into this game the favorites, Dallas will be sure to put up a good fight. Be sure and follow the game up on, the best source for your online betting information. Sports scores.

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