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The Brewers had gotten a rather quick start to their second half while they picked up a big time closer for their team. The co leaders of the NL Central have acquired the former All Star reliever Francisco Rodriguez from the New York Mets yesterday night which boosted the Brewers’ bullpen in the second half run of the playoffs. This trade had been announced just 30 minutes post the All Star Game, K-Rod from the Mets and Cash will go over to Milwaukee. It is highly likely that more trades will be made following the July 31st deadline for making deals without the waivers. Just this swap shows that the Brewers are going all out this season. Sports scores

Milwaukee is not timed with St. Louis for the NL Central lead you also have John Axford who is doing great as the closer, however the Brewers are having some trouble finding good and steady setup men. Football scores

The general manager for the Brewers Dough Melvin said “Francisco has been one of the best relievers in the game for many years,” “He is a high-quality arm who will be a tremendous asset to our bullpen as we prepare for the final months of the regular season and playoffs.”

Fielder said “That is a really big trade. He can really help us, he is a great player. It definitely gives us a spark. We are in first place now and getting him gives us a little more help,” “He is going to bring the success he has had in his career, his confidence. He is going to keep doing what he is doing. You can’t go wrong when you get that kind of talent. You can never have too many guys. No discredit to Axford at all, but to get him, too, is great,”

Rodriguez who is 29 has an ERA of 3.16 and with 23 saves for this year he is definitely going to be a powerful ally for the Brewers. He also is a four time All Star and has set a record for single season saves at 62 back in 2008 playing for the Angels. Rodriguez was also in the final season of the deal which guaranteed a three year contract and $37 million. He also has a vesting $17.5 million option which will kick in at the end of 55 games for 2012. Currently he has finished 34 games. Baseball scores

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