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Albert Pujols is considered to be one of the best players in baseball today but not only that he has also proven that he has rapid healing capabilities. The St. Louis Cardinals have activated their NL MVP from the disabled list yesterday which is a month ahead of when everyone thought he would recover from his broken left wrist. Pujols wanst a part of the Tuesday night lineup against the Reds. But according to Tony La Russa Pujols is now available to pinch hit on Tuesday and is expected to get an early start on Wednesday night. Basketball betting lines

La Russa said “Thrilled,” “We all are. It’s about as good a break as we could catch.”

The Central leaders first thought that Pujols would not play prior to six weeks after he got hurt back in June in a collision at first base with Wilson Betemit of the Kansas City Royals. The Cardinals first thought that Pujols would return in early August. Yesterday was the first official day when the hitter could return from the Disabled list. He has said earlier that he predicted that a good 15 days were enough. Football spreads

The star first baseman asked “Does it surprise you?” “It doesn’t surprise me. A lot of people praying for me and I believe all the prayers are being answered. He said “That’s a good way to describe it,”

The manager for the Reds Dusty Baker did think that Pujols will return early. Baker said “I didn’t think it was going to take as long as they said originally, knowing Albert,” “With modern medicine, and he’s probably working on it around the clock, no it doesn’t really surprise me. Somebody else, maybe. But not him,”

La Russa said  “He’s not in the starting lineup because he hasn’t had a rigorous workout and I feel like it would be good for him to get one of those, and then play tomorrow,” “I just try to use common sense.” Football betting lines

Brian Tallet the left handed reliever has been placed on the 15 day DL list owing to a right rib cage injury that he sustained which was a result of a violent sneeze. Tallet said “It wasn’t anything weird,” “I was just kind of laying down with my boy and coughed a couple times and then a big sneeze.”

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