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Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver Greg Jennings is able to run; it was enough satisfaction for him. NFL odds

What happened last Wednesday was a very big step in his recovery. The first time since he hurt his knee preceding month, Jennings was able to run paths contrary the Packers’ defense while practicing, an indicator that the Pro Bowl receiver is on the way to come back to the playoffs. NFL spreads

“Running out there, running paths in the air by itself, anyone can do it,” Jennings said. “When you have a man leaning upon you trying to cover up your departure from the line of scrimmage and respond to that, you have to react instinctively instead of strategically go about something. And that was significant for me to know that I can react and respond to have a guy on my face, I can react over him at the startup and try to overcome when the ball is in the air. ”

Jennings tore the medial collateral ligament in his left knee in the Packers’ win over Oakland Dec. 11, and sat out during the last 3 regular matches of the season.

Right now, my knee is as steady as it should be, and has been stable for the last couple of weeks, “Jennings said.” So I’ve been more relaxed doing more things I need to do as a receiver to meet at a high level. From couple of weeks ago, as I have said, it was all of mind; just making sure I trust my knee, to know that it will not to hurt again.

Thanks to the season with the Packers’ 15-1 mark, Jennings has extra time to rest. Green Bay Packers have the top seed in the NFC and will take rest during the first week of the playoffs. Sunday January 15 they will host a divisional game.

The GB Packers, generally, are more healthy from they were last year at this same point, when they had many key players on injured reserve list. Jennings, right tackle Bryan Bulaga and wide receiver Randall Cobb trained Wednesday after sitting out of the Sunday’ final game of the season against Detroit.

Starks running back didn’t show in the portion of training open to the press, and there was an unexpected absence on Wednesday: center Scott Wells. The Packers will not publish the injury report until the following week, and Coach Mike McCarthy was not prepared to discuss about the health of Wells.

Coach McCarthy provided very few details of what he saw of Jennings.

“Greg looks better,” Green Bay’ coach said. “He did a bit of work today. I think he looked good the past week. I had the chance to visit with him the field and he has no wasted motion in his stride. I feel good about how Greg is.”

Sitting out was difficult for Jennings, who had not missed a game since McCarthy rested him, in conjunction with other key players in the final match of the 2007 regular season.

“The first week I was out, the team going to Kansas City. I watch the game on my own TV screen at home,” Jennings said. “I thought that had been hard, but being then in the sideline against the last two opponents, Chicago and then Detroit, was even tougher. But I had fun watching the guys having fun and at last succeed to reach the goal that we wanted: to be the No. 1 general seed “.

Even in the immediate aftermath of the injury, Jennings declared that he wasn’t afraid to miss the rest of the season. He said he won’t need any surgery in the offseason.

“Once they kind of told me it was a torn MCL, I was upset,” Jennings admitted. “But we have good trainers. Those guys worked day and night, 24 hours a day. We did some things in there that are putting in the position where I can compete in practice, we have some time where I can go out and have a kind of test it against the best DBs in the game. So we’re fine where we are. ”

Jennings said it might have been able to come back for the game against Detroit if he was needed, but is happy to have more time to heal.

“Honestly, I was telling the guys, it really has been a blessing in disguise,” Jennings said. “Because late in the season when the bumps and bruises begin to manifest and just stay and you have kind of got to just fight through everything. For myself, I am fresh than I’ve ever been at the end of the season. So is a plus. The only negative is the experience; you never want to lose games. But having this off week, being able to go out there and see defenses again, run and pick up the game speed again, it’s going to be huge.”

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