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Wide receiver Santonio Holmes from New York Jets “given up” on the team during the last 2 minutes of a season-ending defeat against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, a team source announced. There were guys in the platoon that are unhappy with Santonio performance during the game and the two-minute offense, “said Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson.”And they said something to him about it.”

The Jets captain was removed as his groups attempted to rally in fourth quarter on Sunday and avoid been eliminated from the playoff contest. To further the complicate soap opera, Coach Rex Ryan said he thought Holmes was conducted him out.

The Jets lost 19-17 to the Miami Dolphins. Following the spat with squad, Holmes got replaced by Patrick Turner. Football odds

“It was a coach’s call,” Holmes said. “Patrick came in and touched my shoulder and told me to leave.”

The choice to bench Holmes was made by offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, a team source added. Turner was sent in the field by wide receivers coach Henry Ellard. Football spreads

“I looked out there and I wondered why he wasn’t out there,” Ryan recounted. “No, I didn’t bench Santonio. … Somebody told me he was out.”

Ryan recounted he did not want to comment further till he knows the details.

The team source asserted that Jets offensive tackle Wayne Hunter got into a roaring match with Holmes after the host related something the players resented in the bunch. “Guys had had enough of it so far.”

According to Tomlinson, players said to Holmes, “There’s still a chance.”

The Holmes blowup essentially had been building. On the prior series, a veteran player sensed that Holmes wasn’t into the game and told him to “go home,” the team source said.

Holmes, who was held without a catch for the first time in his 88-game career and was only focused once, was asked if he believed he deserved to be removed from the game.

The meltdown occurred in what was likely the final game of Tomlinson’s Jets career, and most likely the end of his long NFL career also. “That’s the most terrible thing. In that huddle, what you saw, guys looked in (Holmes’) eyes and didn’t see that fire in his eyes. We’re all grown men. Holmes was twice called out the offensive line for not giving quarterback Mark Sanchez sufficient time to throw. Moore also was disappointed Holmes made his pessimistic views public since “that’s not something a captain does.” He has been the center of controversy this season.

The Jets did not satisfy Ryan’s promise to win a Super Bowl title, with Sunday’s loss eliminating them from the race for an AFC wild-card berth. Instead, they finished the season with three consecutive losses, a large step backward for a team that did reach the AFC Championship Game each one of the past. The Jets (8-8) entered the game needing a victory, along with three other teams’ losses, to reach the playoffs.

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