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Rebounding from the Nnamdi Asomugha snub the Jets have moved to some place else to fill their vacant spot for a cornerback, they came to a contract agreement early on Monday morning with Antonio Cromartie according to a source. He will now sign a four year $32 million contract according to a source. The $4 million less than Asomugha’s deal with the Eagles and a $1.75 million less than Johnathan Joseph’s contract with Huston Texans. Baseball betting lines

The Jets seemed to be in the blid after they lost out to Asomugha who shocked many which included the Jets as he signed with the Eagles on Thursday. If they were unable to resign Cromartie it would have created problems with their defense. The Jets now will go into the 2011 season for the same tandem of the last year. Baseball lines

Although Cromartie did draw strong interest from both the 49ers and the Oakland Raiders who would have put him in the No. 1 corner sport for a six year vet, he elected to stick with New York and went to Titter to post the following:  “They say Cro is back, Cro is back all #GangGreen fans say is Cro…,” “I’m on my FLT headed home glad 2 b a JET…let’s go win a Superbowl.”

The Jets have also resigned two of their Big Four free agents which also includes the wide receiver Santono Holmes. They did lose Brad Smith to the Buffalo Bills as well as receiver Braylon Edwards who may probably not return who that they have wide receiver Plaxico Burress on a one year deal with the team. Baseball spreads

The Jets had acquired Cromartie who is 27 last year in a trade with the San Diego Chargers. The price was damn steep for a second round pick and it would probably have been embarrassing they had to lose him after a year.

He was initially considered to be one of the rising talents in the NFL in 2007 when he was an All Pro in the second season after he got the NFL leading 10 interceptions but he was definitely struggling off field. His tackling was a problem for San Diego but he vowed that it would improve when he went to New York and it did improve in that area but that too led the defense in many penalties.

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