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Things are looking wonderful for Dirk Nowitzki  as he’s now a part of NBA championship ledged. However for Lebron James it seems like it is going to be a rather agonizing upcoming year. It all began when the season kicked off with the signing on of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and a promise that they will become the champions, however it was the mavericks as we witnessed last night hoisting up the winning trophy for the first time in their playing history after they beat the heat in a fantastic game by 105-95. The Mavericks managed to bag four wins in their five games something which was seen as a turnabout. Vegas odds

Nowitzki said in a statement “I really still can’t believe it,”, Nowitzki got away with 21 points and also took home the MVP award. Odds

Both Nowtizki and Jason Terry were instrumental in leading the Mavericks with a hefty 27 points, ironically these were the two players who were left over form their lost at the hands of Miami back in 2006. Terry said “Tonight,” “we got vindication.”

James played well but he didn’t even come close and the season didn’t really end the way he wanted. He managed to bag a good 21 points for Miami and managed to greet a few fans after the game prior to departing. Bosh put 19 ponits in the board and Mario Chalmers put a good 18 points with 17 for Wade. Basketball scores

Nowitzki said “We worked so hard and so long for it,” “The team has had an unbelievable ride.”

However the Heat struggled and for them it wasn’t as easy as it was for the Mavericks. While many people predicted that that Heat would once again turn things around this didn’t happen. Erick Spoelstra the coach for the heat said “It goes without saying,”. “You’re never really prepared for a moment like this. … Neither team deserved this championship more than the other, but Dallas earned it.”

Carlisle said “This is a true team,” “This is an old bunch. We don’t run fast or jump high. These guys had each other’s backs. We played the right way. We trusted the pass. This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas.”

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