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The whole Kurt Rambis story was just so messy that the longer it prolonged the messier it got for both the president of basketball operations as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves where the coach was employed. The organization became a target of lots of criticism locally for allowing the coach to twist things around and then tarnish the Timberwolves’ decision across the entire league while you have well accomplished candidates such as Kahn taking other jobs. Las Vegas odds

A firing has long been expected and was officially announced yesterday which ended over three months of bad taste and awkwardness which surrounded the Timberwoves head coach known as the worst team just last season. Vegas odds

Khan said “People can argue about this should have happened and that should’ve happened, but I think collectively we felt that we were doing the right thing in terms of the way we approached it,” “But I also recognize it took a long time. That’s on me. And I realize that it can look more convoluted and complicated than maybe it really is, and that’s on me. And to that extent I feel badly about that, too, and I apologize for that.”

Kahn had decided to hire Rambis back in 2009 in order to turn around the franchise. But it was Rambis who went 32-132 in his two seasons which put the team on the league’s worst game record for the second time that year. The rather strange turn of events took place when Kahn had asked to hold his own press conference just prior to the season finale on April 13th in order to announce that it would take time to made a decision on the new coach’s future. It was that summer that Kahn had asked Rambis to write a report which would change if he had returned for the third season and asked a position in the front office if he stepped down as head coach. Betting lines

Kahn spoke about finding the right coach for the team and also mentioned that 18 were already fired since then “I wish it was easier to do,” “I feel certainly the weight of having to do this. I don’t want to say this at Kurt’s expense, but obviously we need to do it better than the last one.”

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