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Derek Jeter has been trying very hard to get to his goal of 3000 career hits and it has not been easy so far as a matter of fact it has been difficult. But right now he is so close that he can almost feel it coming, so much so that he is not going to share it with anyone. Yesterday Jeter managed to get two hits which moved him to around four within the 3000 mark, CC Sabathia took out his anger for being snubbed as the All Star by 11 in seven shutout innings, as he lead New York to a 9-2 win over the Indians yesterday.

The 37 year old Jeter ascent to the 28th major league player and the first Yankee to reach 3000 hits has been difficult. He is being scrutinized like never before, plus the 12 timer has missed weeks owing to a calf injury. Football odds

Jeter said “I haven’t been talking about this too much,” Jeter said, surrounded by two dozen reporters and an HBO camera crew chronicling his bumpy path to 3,000. “There’s been other things in the media, so it’s kind of hard to enjoy it when there’s a lot of negativity that’s out there.” “Hopefully I’m going to be able to enjoy it these next few days,”

Right now Jeter does not know yet if he will be playing on Wednesday at the series finale. Joe Girardi the manager for the Yankees wants to give him four straight days, and some rest which might get him prepped for New York to open the four game series against Tampa Bay this Thursday. Basketball odds

He said “I want to play,” “I want to talk to him, think about it and I’ll go from there,” “He’s four hits away, and as I’ve said, my concern is us winning ballgames and him being healthy.”

However Girardi said that he is under no pressure to keep Jeter out until the team reaches New York so he can get 3000 hits at home turf. “No one has ever said a word to me about where he should do it,” NFL scores

Acta said “We’ll see how he shows up (Wednesday),” “It’s nothing serious. He tried to grind through it. You could see he was favoring the other leg and he was hurting. We appreciate him trying to stay in there, but we have to think long term here.”

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