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The owner of the Dodgers Frank McCourt has now reportedly been offered a sum of $1.2 billion for the team i.e. the Los Angeles Dodgers by the Marathon founder Bill Burke. The letter to the owner had outlined the offer and disclosed to the Los Angeles Times by the sources close to the situation. In that letter it states that the offer will partly be funded by a number of Chinese investors. Football spreads

Speaking to the News paper Burke said “I have no comment at this time,”

The price offered and if accepted will establish a new record for the sale of a major league franchise which breaks the previous record two years back when the Ricketts family had paid $845 million in order to purchase the Chicago Cubs from the Tribune Co. The bid will now expire in the next 21 days and is subject to be approved by the court which oversees the Dodgers bankruptcy case and the Major League Baseball according to the letter. However, what is unclear and not specified in the letter is if the ex wife of the owner i.e. Jamie McCourt will also be approved for the deal. But from her side the attorneys have asked for the sale of the team. Football betting lines

However, the one thing which is on everyone’s mind is that the foreign investors mentioned on the offer were not further specified. It just read “certain state-owned investment institutions of the People’s Republic of China,” however this is certainly not unprecedented i.e. the participation of overseas investors which also includes the Seattle Mariners ownership group that has a huge Japanese presence. Back in 2004 both Burke and his partner had sold the L.A. Marathon which was subsequently purchased from Devine Racing in 2008 and get this it was purchased from Frank McCourt. Basketball odds

In addition to the above the Times had also reported that the court filings have shown that McCourt had recently sold one of the two homes that they owned near to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles for $6.525 million. Now there is a big disputes among all the McCourt as to how the proceeds have to be used and who will get what. This is probably something which keeps the family busy for a while.

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