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The White Sox and the Tigers have been pressing each other for quite some time now. They have given a few enticing games against one another, really delivering exciting performances for their fans. They played a great game on Sunday, which went to extra innings. The final score stood at 7-9 after 11 innings. Vegas odds.

The Tigers have been one of the most successful teams in the nation this year, at home. Conversely, their road record is very poor. Nevertheless, they have managed several impressive games. One of them was the game on Sunday, the usually weak [when away from home] offense managed to take the win. At the plate they were dominant, and at the mound, they simply eclipsed the White Sox.

Gerald Laird scored the tie-breaking run in the marathon game that lasted over four hours. The 11th inning push showed promise for Detroit, who have lacked in that area of the game. The White Sox have been dominating their opponents in recent weeks. As such, the loss to the Tigers most definitely hurt. Betting lines.

It was a special game for Detroit. Jim Leyland’s 3,000th game as a manager marked a special moment in his career, and a memorable game for his team. His players have done more than well this year, and he is proud of the way they battled it out. The rest of the season looks quite promising for Detroit, They will be sure to finish of a strong, high not is they continue to give games like this. The same goes for Chicago. After all, the White Sox have a solid record, and have maintained a sturdy win record all year long. Be sure and follow the rest of the season at, home of the best sports betting information around. Sports scores.

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